by Ladz (illus. by Soren Häxan)

adult political fantasy/gothic horror
secondary world reimagining of end-of-empire Russia
vampires, queers, and queer vampires

Volume 1: The Fealty of Monsters

After years on the run from a dangerous cult, Sasza Czarnolaski serves as the Odonic Emperor's Magician. As war brews, Sasza quickly learns that there's not much he won't do to preserve peace, even if it means tapping into monstrosity he's kept secret from everyone, including himself.

MARCH 12, 2024

Trigger warnings:
Blood, gore, body horror, blood drinking, needles, emetophobia (blood), mosquitos, patricide, infidelity, explicit sexual acts and situations, dubious consent, age gap relationship between adults, urination (non-sexual), self-harm for magic use, depiction and discussion of alcoholism and drinking, depiction of a panic attack, mentions of war, mentions of sedition